Marty Koppel
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Richie Berns & Marty Koppel
At the Bluebird Cafe, Nashville, TN

Marty Koppel is well known on the local music scene as a singer songwriter with a soulful voice reminiscent of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, and others of the original clan at Sun Records. He performs heart felt Country, Rockabilly and Rythmn & Blues compositions which are much more than songs; they are a musical testament that when music comes straight from the heart, you not only feel great about what you do, but you can't stop doing it.
In fact, his first recollection of music at age three was of Elvis's "I Need Your Love Tonight". As a child, Marty took voice and piano lessons, but didn't take them too seriously until he was out of high school. After high school, he bought a Gianninni classical guitar and taught himself how to play. He also started writing songs. Marty played in front of his first audience while at college in 1977. This first crowd had 1500 people in attendance. In the summer of 1978 he was featured on a local cable TV show. Some of Marty's songs were also played on College Stations in Pennsylvania. About that time he was featured on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. But because he was on about 2:00 AM and he was exhausted, Marty reports that he barely remember the event.
During the late 70's and early 80's Marty was part of numerous bands that mostly did cover tunes. In 1989, he returned to doing solo gigs exclusively, and swore that if he ever played in a band again, it would be with his own material. Marty says, " I've been playing solo acoustic now for about 11 years. I'm tired of being a juke box for drunken idiots in bars. Now I play Coffee Houses and selected clubs where I can do my own material and work on my craft as a song writer. Marty has since played up and down the east coast in clubs such as the Stone Pony at the Jersey Shore, Liberty Bar and Maxwells in Hoboken, The Back Fence and Kenny's Castaways in Greenwich Village, and at the Bluebird in Nashville.

People want to hear songs that they can identify with. Songs that have a powerful feeling! A PUNCH! Marty Koppel's music makes you feel good deep inside, conjuring up images and emotions that we've all been through. Finally, a breath of fresh air with songs worth remembering/ great melodies, great hooks, by a unique and talented singer/songwriter. His name.........MARTY KOPPEL!!!!!